Align with Alora

Inside The Mentorship: Booking Dream Clients, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Becoming a Wedding Photographer

March 16, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11
Align with Alora
Inside The Mentorship: Booking Dream Clients, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Becoming a Wedding Photographer
Align with Alora
Inside The Mentorship: Booking Dream Clients, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Becoming a Wedding Photographer
Mar 16, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11

Have you ever wanted to book a Mentorship with me? Yes, I know I closed the doors to them forever BUT, I want you to go behind the scenes with me on a few of my recent Mentorships!! Today, I will be speaking with Kaylee and we will be discussing some GOLD nugget topics like:

  • Marketing to your Dream Clients
  • How to overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Tips on niching down
  • Second Shooter etiquette and how to get started
  • How to promote your Wedding Photographer business

This episode is a must listen and it's the type of questions I get daily in my dms and the answers are sitting right here in this episode!


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Show Notes Transcript

Have you ever wanted to book a Mentorship with me? Yes, I know I closed the doors to them forever BUT, I want you to go behind the scenes with me on a few of my recent Mentorships!! Today, I will be speaking with Kaylee and we will be discussing some GOLD nugget topics like:

  • Marketing to your Dream Clients
  • How to overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Tips on niching down
  • Second Shooter etiquette and how to get started
  • How to promote your Wedding Photographer business

This episode is a must listen and it's the type of questions I get daily in my dms and the answers are sitting right here in this episode!


****Watch my FREE Masterclass on Showing up on Social + Creating Connection****

Don't Forget to:
Download the free Social Media Connection Guide so you can fill it in and follow along with the class! 


If you loved this episode and want to hear more like it, please subscribe and give us a 5-star rating and if you want to hear more from me send a DM on the 'Gram!! I appreciate your support so much and I can't wait to serve you more this year!

xo, Alora

Alora:   0:00
Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been here in a week. I've been trying to keep up with all the many tasks and man, spring cleaning and spring bookings are a real thing. But that's beside the point. Today I want to take you guys behind the scenes of what it's like to have me as a mentor. I did have recently a giveaway of four mentorships and they were so much fun. And did you know I plan on putting a couple snippets in the podcast episode? Of course you didn't know. So this episode today will be about Caylee. She is adorable. And we're gonna be talking about pivoting. We're talking about booking your ideal client. We're also going to be talking about pricing your word and second shooter etiquette and booking your first wedding. So this episode is packed full of free information for you. So what are you waiting for? Let's dive in. Hey, guys, I'm a lawyer, Michelle, and you're listening to the alignment, the Laura podcast. This podcast is about motivation and finding your purpose for all you thriving creatives out there because I strongly believe you don't have to constantly hustle to grow and pursue your wildest dreams. So each week we're gonna be having conversations about things that matter most like motherhood, our faith, photography business and just plain real life. I want to share all the mistakes that I've made because I want you to know that I've been there before and you can totally grow and pursue their wildest dreams. I'm so glad you're here with me today, friend. Here's today's episode For those of you that haven't heard on my instagram, I am launching my very first workshop. I'm not releasing details quite yet, but if you check the link in the show notes, you can sign up to be on the wait list. And when everything goes down, you will be the first to know I am super super excited. I've always been mentoring, and I've been doing a couple of other things, but I've always wanted to teach on a larger scale and make a huger impact. So if you don't want to miss out on this once in a lifetime event, full free to follow that link in the show notes and I will be talking to you guys really soon. M person. Okay, and today's reviews brought to you by him 00 and it says must hear love. This podcast allure is such a gentle spirit, and it's so easy to listen to Must take time and listen to at least the first episode and you'll be hooked. Ah, thank you so much. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for taking the time to write me a review. If you write a review, just be sure that I will be reading it out loud. And the next podcast episode. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast and recommending it to your friends. I've been getting such awesome feedback. Even though I've been taking a social media hiatus for the past couple of weeks, I will be back April 10th. Yeah, so it's gonna be a while, but it's been really refreshing. So without further ado, let's get end to the next episode, and I will be talking to you guys again here really soon. Okay, I struggled with drugs, so, like just putting that out there

Kaylee:   3:06
trying to overcome that, but late because the market is saturated with people that are like marketing themselves with photographers, and I never really set out to do that. I really struggled to call myself off photographers. Even though people are like, I really like your images. I'm like, Yeah, fun, like So when it comes to praising, I really started out just being like, shocked that people learn detainee in the birthplace. But you're like, Oh, yeah, I'll like trade you or like, finding a coffee. Whatever, whatever. But then it got to a point where now that was investing in, like, White Room and I want, like, the photo storage and all of the things I like me. I basically was just trying to, like, bring in money to sustain my hobby here. I guess that was that The biggest. So I've been doing it for, like, three years now. Um, yeah. No, I The biggest struggle is I really like the light light die out list. What phones? Pressuring the last year is that a shot like family and a shot like couple connect on the group is I really, like, not play you like ages. But like, I really like this, like, young demographic of young couple. Yeah, like I feel like I could confidently you like someone, but we don't want we don't money to hire a way for me like fire me because I know I didn't do it

Alora:   4:36

Kaylee:   4:36
light with extraneous amount of work out there for people that have the budget room. I'm like referring to that all these other local park. He's great. So it's just I guess they really multiplying, like because the age I'd like to shoot is young. I feel if they often don't have money, and so they're like, We can't pay you, But that's what I who I'd like to shoot with. So it's just been like trying Thio. Figure out where my pricing should be in order to bring in clients connection. Pay me. Um, I don't like like these people that are willing to shell out the mouth and I'm charging are like families like older people. And I'm like, I don't want to do your pictures like I don't like the images when I'm done like they're happy with them, but I don't feel like I don't enjoy editing them. I It's not like what I like to dio. I like to do it like that. Let me just for the loggers and young couples in like people that are like they they millennial that are extra graham being like influences Like what your fissures like. I love doing that beer like Okay, I 50 bucks. So I feel like that's a Catch 22 that I know, like I start marketing my golf and doing more people that are willing to pay me like, ah, higher rate. But I don't always like doing that pictures, so I don't know.

Alora:   6:05

Kaylee:   6:05
my That's my crazy trouble right now and maybe understand, too Like sympathetic. I like when people kind of feel like like, I can't pay that in life. Okay, that's fine. I just wanted to your pictures. You're cute and I don't want to do it at home, and I don't know, So I struggle with that.

Alora:   6:23
Okay, that's fine. Um, I wanted the same thing in the beginning, so it's like in the beginning you're trying to figure out, like what? Your knishes niche, where you fit in what you can charge who your ideal client is. And that's what my question is for you. Do you know what your ideal client is like? What age group is the group? The group you're talking about here do you know

Kaylee:   6:42
why? Okay. One of the reasons I really want to build a website in a separate instagram was because I really would like to Do I pull senior?

Alora:   6:50

Kaylee:   6:50
like when they like a couple opportunities. I feel really confident pulling them. I really like talking to that age. Like I feel like they like me. They I quit. Find me a butt like when I only had a personal period. They find the under their parents would be the one paying the bill. And then you like this girl's house on Instagram page like it's just a personal account. Like you're not a photographer, that wondering why I've reached out to begin with because the parents would hire the kids wanted Thio. But the parents were License is weird. Um, so I like Uncle Dean Eric, but I haven't really been able to bring any of those in I I have worked with a lot of like young couples, like in their 20 year like Or maybe you like young, engaged people like or don't marry people. I'll get some of those. I feel like when that folder there like hiring these, but however that are I don't know. Like I feel like it. I rope in like a young couple, but not like late twenties when they've been working for a while. I got more money, but I just like the ones that are like burning village. And I don't know, um, most of my girls come. Maybe it'll just come with time because most of them have come from like you shot our front pictures. We really like you to ours. So

Alora:   8:11

Kaylee:   8:12
really like couple seniors like that age young family. You're OK, too. But when it's like 2 50 year old in there, one offered middle schooler. I'm like, I don't want to do it. Hey, don't feel comfortable posing them. I don't like the awkward.

Alora:   8:29
Well, what is your pricing?

Kaylee:   8:33
Um, that's the other thing was I won't talk to you about but because I feel it is very fluid because I match Ehrlich meet. I try to be possible on me what other people need so like, I'll try to, like, change my packages in order to accommodate like what they can afford so they can like, how nice pictures like that's an engaged couple of me don't have very much money towards engagement pictures. I'm not going to give them a full engagement alone. Like I don't know. I would say, like, pig What? I look, feel it baseline. But all I provide him with some images that they don't know I'm bad at this

Alora:   9:13
part. So Okay. Huh? Okay. So when I first started out, I was a lot like you. Like I didn't want to get into wedding symbols and super confident about it yet. But I got into seniors, and I really got into senior. So I built my business and senior photography for, like, two years, and it was thriving, so it's definitely possible. Um, now, you have no pricing on here, though. And you don't say you specialize in ST years. You don't talk about anything aboutthe senior experience. You don't talk about anything about influencers. You don't talk about branding photography. Like I had no idea. I had no idea. That's what you really want to do. So if that's what you want to do, you better talk about it so much. And those block posts? No. Most vlog posting to be about. I'm sorry.

Kaylee:   9:58
Those are not real yet. That

Alora:   10:00
was developing.

Kaylee:   10:01
Um Yeah, I wanted her specifically to create a block section. I had a look after to do that later, so it's still being developed. But I wanted it because I want to be able to share my sessions so that people can look at it like images for my sessions and I could talk about was what we were doing in the South Lake. Show them what they can get kind of thing.

Alora:   10:21
Okay. Yeah. So definitely I would market that, like a lot in your block post and you to give tips. I used to do tips of like, like, three tips and hot improve your senior experience and then kind of like at the very unplug it into why? You're a great fit and a recent shot you did in your stories. You need to be showing behind the scenes, working with influences. You know, just looking friend have her changing outfits. Like I'm serious. Like, do you have a sister? I mean, I use my sisters for everything, and I marketed the heck out of a senior experience that I couldn't even afford to pay for. And then, if you wanna work with millennials that are broke they're gonna have to meet you halfway. I'm highly suggest that. You say, look, listen like it's it's $100. You could put 50 down now and then $50 before the session, like that's what I charge for my influencer. I'm in my brand photography. You're going to get this money, images. You're gonna get two hours and then eventually, when they start referring their friends and you get more of that word of mouth. Not to mention you get material for your instagram material for your blog's. It's almost like you're getting paid to market something and then eventually to raise your prices when you get too many enquiries and stop matching them. My God. Okay, your work is great. Oh, my God. So you are worth whatever you want to charge. But if you just really want to get out there and have people talking about you start at the bottom. That's OK, But don't start a zero, My God, because

Kaylee:   11:46
I say on average, like for the people that are broke, I'm charging about $50 then only like doing with many sessions for them read of people that way I would have average my sessions like our about, like, 102 $150. But the thing is, I, like, deliver a fun of images. So, like, I know that I'm under pricing. But I always felt bad because, like, I don't do it full time, I felt like

Alora:   12:15
they don't know that Caylee, You know, all in your head they want okay, They want your experience. If you're gonna give unlimited images that maybe you should do to 50 and then if you feel like really crappy like this is how I knew what I had to remind raise my prices is when I was driving the sessions and I felt crappy when I got there and I felt crappy. When I left, I felt so overused. So then I would just raise my prices $100 raise my prices $50 to the point, it was like I think to 53 50 was the sweet spot. And I didn't feel so bad, given 100 plus images them, like, you know what? Like it only takes me 30 minutes to add it. And this was a decent profit, you know, because you gotta You gotta bring out your time, too. And you know um, yes. Oh, you technically don't need this business toe. Like, um, support your income. Right. So this isn't like I I need 50 sessions. You just need to get your out there, your name out there, and then you can start shooting what you love, and then eventually, if you want to leave it under five, you could. But, I mean, you don't have it. It's totally impossible to do both for a while. A lot of people. D'oh! Um, yeah, So I I need I need you to sell the senior experience to me. I need this to be because you're selling it to the moms, too. So the moms need to know you're the junk like, and that that's good, that you got a separate account or, you know, like I said, you could have just mixed you for photography and with your head shots. But the girl's already like you, so that's good. Now you got to get mom to like, you make a pricing guy, talk about put in tips, or like what? Time is the best time to do shoots what are and then show examples of your work And have you really just use a jumpstart? And like, you really want to get out there? I always suggest people doing it give away and like selecting someone who was, like exactly your ideal client. Give them a fame. Give them the outfits you want them to wear, like, completely structure this shoe toe where it looks like whatever you want to do from this point forward. And then once you do that, shoot and you say in exchange, like you have to market me. Okay? This is a free session. You market me, you get free images, and then I'm gonna use my portfolio. And then those images you can start using for your senior experience, I mean, you can do to give aways. I don't know, Um, and like, start marketing more of, like the influence or stuff. Like when I was doing influencer I didn't influence. I actually had an influence of that. Hired, maybe like twice a month. It was, like 2 50 bucks each session and we would go to, like, millions of places in Detroit. I would get her walking. I would get her looking over her shoulder. She would be marketing you need to do that stuff too. So if those two of your passions right now and like weddings aren't your passion, then you need to market the heck out of those until you feel like you're in a place where you can shoot someone's wedding and be like, Okay, so you do want to those start second shooting so that you want to get into that demographic too. Okay, tell me a little bit about that. Yeah,

Kaylee:   15:05
I just really enjoy what? Oh, I've been like a personal bridesmaids. Have been my maid of honor. Retired. At this point, I don't like

Alora:   15:12

Kaylee:   15:12
in a wedding.

Alora:   15:14
So funny

Kaylee:   15:16
because my brother got married that summer is kiss photographer cubes, like my age or younger and half second shooter. Yeah, she was doing harder that way. And I was like, Oh, like here and ripping off my road. This is the color of the bridesmaids, or you wanna weave that into your flat light, get the color because she didn't have any color you like? Oh, yeah, that's pretty good. Like, I'm just standing there like it's like I get excited about Stop. And so I kind of formed a relationship with her and like, um, so I know her. And then randomly, I had another burnout part, but I follow that. I didn't think I was even on their radar. First I shoot her, backed out of something at last minute, and she was like, Would you be able to fill in tomorrow for a wedding? And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I agree. But then it added up for lady Like, stepped up. She was able to come and she was like, but I didn't know this girl, you know, I existed. She's one of my favorite. So I was, like, keeping in mind for future wedding. But I got like because I'm new to that market. I don't know how that works and what to look out for or like is the contract you need to have in place. Or like, um, but what can I factor? How do you like you've shot wedding? So, like, what do you look for in a second? Sure, that the most helpful. And should I reach out photographers and say like, I have availabilities? If I can shoot this coming summer, I really like your work. If you like I'm flexible and willing to do what I feel like I work in 9500 Friday, So I have every weekend free and I love it. And, like I could totally started doing just second shooting. And then I don't even have to be responsible for, like, a mini contractor that added language, which is really fun for me, I think, um, yeah, one of the girls setting you up in my here. So before this, I was shooting on a camera that would like a starter camera for a long time. But this past fall, early summer, early summer, I got on a kicked like a cannon and let's pull framed camera like a stigmata 27 2 How many more later blend? But, like, I know that, like, it's what they would need me to have to shoot there. Like, if you updated your year, we could hire you. So I did that. And like I've been shooting with it, I feel confident shooting with that. But, um, so I know a couple people know me, but I just didn't know, Like, what's the etiquette on that? You know?

Alora:   17:38
Yeah. So I will tell you what to do and what not to dio what I for a second shooter, I'm looking for someone that's damning me saying, Hey, I love your work like it speaks to me, you know? Please fluff up the photographer. We love to be complimented, but also say, like, How can I assist you this year? I'm looking to build a portfolio, and I would love to help you in any way that I can. You know, I love X, Y and Z. This is my gear. And like, just like if something happens like please keeping in mind, I would love to work with you. I'd love to assist you. What I normally get in my diem's is, Hey, I'm looking to put my portfolio. It's just like an shooter. Contact me and I'm like, Okay, so basically, you just want, like my clients to broadcast your own. It's like how you word it, um, so that it would be, I would say, compliment. Tell them how you're going to help them, tell them why you chose them and ask how you can help instead of saying I just want to take from you because that's such a different approach than just being like I really did, but building portfolios. So, like, let me know whenever weddings. I want to be a part of that. Like what? Um and then so loose. A couple photographers have different systems, you know, they'll say, Hey, you know, this is what I pay second shooters, you know? Or sometimes that can sure say my rate is like 35 bucks an hour or 50 bucks an hour. And like people that have a well established wedding photography business usually like to be paid 50 bucks an hour. But if you're like, starting out 25 to 30 ish is a good range. Um, I think a 24 to 70 covers a lot of grounds. It's a really good lens to start with. Um, me personally, I just care that you know how to use a flash and that you have a couple primes as well. It's professional gear like don't have, like a 1.8. Please have a good one point for atleast and a full friend camera. Um, I don't think you need to care mischievous. I can shoot or anything like that. I think that that is way too many images um there's some photographers that like it when you overshoot. I personally like it. If you shoot the complete opposite perspective of me, the complete opposite lenses need and give me very valuable images instead of just shooting a 1,000,000 times cause I know you're trying to build your portfolio. I mean, like, every photographer is different. But me personally, When I get 2000 images back from a second shooter, I'm like, Holy crap. That is so much work for me. Um, and also, some photographers don't let you use your images. So you need to kind of, like, figure that out as well. Like when you speak to them and ask them like, hey, like, you know, what are your stipulations? You know, first, I can treat someone like me. I don't care what you do with them. Just don't post them until I've given my client their images. And please don't tag them. Because if you post a picture I didn't give them, they're gonna be mad at me. Um, so those are a couple of tickets, I think, um, and just yeah, approaching them to be nice and just be like, Hey, baby, genuine. Come from a good place and be like, How can I serve you? How can I help you? I love your work. Like thank you for taking the time to read this. I will definitely read that over someone That's like, Hey, girl, I'm second shooting. Let me know. Like I see you. I see you out there killing that like your weddings. I want to take one, you know.

Kaylee:   20:57
Okay, great. So when people don't like what you're saying, like earlier when I think I don't like shooting in groups and you're like, Well, is that evil? What you're going for? How do you like you decline the clients you later that that's not what I shoes like. How do you do that? In a way that's, like, respectful or they they understand. Because I feel like people like you have a camera. Just do it, you know? And I'm like, I don't He's a lot like the images. Like I've shot family whether, like, they love images showed him all the time. But I'm like those, aren't we? Don't tell me in them. I don't like the way they look. You know, I feel like they look amateur. I'm just like? Yeah,

Alora:   21:32

Kaylee:   21:33
I don't know it from a hard time with that.

Alora:   21:37
No, it's okay. I I went through that, too. So I used to accept anybody and everybody to get my name out there. And I booked really just strange sessions, and they would mark it the heck out of me. It was like I couldn't get them away from me. So one are ugly, Declined? I call it the gentle No. Right. You say, Hey, thank you so much for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I'm not available for that type of photography, but here is to work through recommendations. They will take care of you. Oh, and just be like like and again, thank you for reaching out to me. Let me know if I can help or whatever or whatever you know, or just a buy, you know. But regardless, like you can't just be like, Hey, I don't do that. So they're like, she's the worst. I can't believe she's so rude. No, leave them on a good no. And then send them away. And, like, Oh, my gosh, Give recommendations. You're the best you're like. Of course I am.

Kaylee:   22:27
Right. Okay. That makes you feel better. I mean, I've kind of done that for wedding in the half because I'm just like I'm not. I don't feel comfortable enough. I know. I'd be, like, just a ball of her little day, like without second shooting weddings. I wasn't comfortable enough taking out a wedding myself, but it had people reach out about wedding because, like, Oh, I love that you did these, like couples engaged my pictures. Like, Can you do it with him? Like I know?

Alora:   22:52
Yes, I know.

Kaylee:   22:54
I don't want to do it. I have never been a second shot. A wedding? I feel like I'm being way over my head. I have one camera up have, like one lens. I don't have any backup. If it fails. Like I feel like I know what I hear the horror stories like I just don't feel equipped at the kind you get. You know, Indian.

Alora:   23:13
Well, I like

Kaylee:   23:14
you one day. Look, What if you ruin that one day?

Alora:   23:18
Okay, Okay, okay. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Number one, you can always rent a camera for like, $75 for the weekend. You could rent a lens for the same price or cheaper. 30 bucks, 50 bucks or just like, Hey, girl, can I Broader lens for the weekend? I'll give it back whatever. So now you have two cameras. Okay, if you need a backup. But truthfully, a lot of people use one camera. I used to because I'm ridiculous. I'm a gun slinger. I'm like moments, moments, moments happening, you know? But if it's like something small and it's intimate and you feel okay and you're like, Listen like I'm just on getting into photography, I mean wedding photography like this is my pricing and, like, you know, um, whatever if you think it's a good fit, but getting yourself out there when it feels gross and when it feels scary, like that kind of means that people they want you, I said, Your work is great. Your edits are consistent. Those air like the basics of being a good photographer before you move on to the other stuff. You can't learn it until you get some experience under your belt if you really don't want to, and you really want a second shoot first. But I'm just like what is the harm and slowly building your name in the wedding industry and also learning on, like, learning and getting paid to learn and building your portfolio. It's almost like a win win.

Kaylee:   24:32
Yeah, well, And you know, when I referred like, I reached out to a couple of the girl's scent, that particular person, too, And I like they're almost painted this awareness of need a second shooter, too. Because, like I worked with this person before, you don't know me in light. Um, it was not something at the kind of taken on, but like they I know, I feel like almost like a better relationship with other photographers for me, too. And then with that person, I feel it's the one thing I could bring to the table. Maybe I should reach up to people about second. Shooting is like, I'm really good with people, and I'm really good with wedding in general. So, like, if you're that, like, Barber retired for that hate making a small talk, I'm like, I love making small talk and making friends and, like, hang out. And so I feel like if you just need someone who's gonna like, put someone's dressed and like the extra hands and like be able to, like, break through that barrier and be extroverted for you so that you could do your job, but that are leading. I mean, girl,

Alora:   25:33
you're selling yourself to photographers. And that's the exact same spiel I sold myself to brides with. Okay, I was like, if you need a photographer like, I'm gonna be your best friend. Gonna hold your dress for you. My I've been in a 1,000,000 weddings. I think I've been, like 10 weddings, and I was like, I know how it goes. If you need anything, I'm there. I mean, you know how the wedding goes. You literally just go with the flow and then, you know, howto post families. That's the kind of poses they want for weddings. You've done everything there is. Do you accept actually doing it?

Kaylee:   26:05
Yeah. Pressure.

Alora:   26:07
It's good. Oh,

Kaylee:   26:10
Oh, very

Alora:   26:12

Kaylee:   26:13
It's like I always have a backup in my head away. Well, it's a session bomb or is like I got like, the weather was terrible, like Randall, or like my camera fails like I could apologize profusely and amulets. Let's just do it again. Like I'll give you double be omitted and they get up to them, and I feel like with the wedding, it's like if for some reason like something happened with the memory card or my computer, like I can like do that day again for that, so just always makes me no risk to think about.

Alora:   26:46
That's the rest. No, but if you rent another Cameron, you rent another lens and you have a second shooter or an intern. If you can't afford to pay somebody right, we just hit. You want to shoot a wedding for free with me? Like you know how to use a monster that's already three backups right there. I mean, yes, the words that happened. But what if it doesn't okay and just properly prepare? You know, you don't have to be, like, so paralyzed by fear that you don't actually do The thing that I think you're supposed to be doing right now usually fear, Let's you know that's the next step because you want to do it's still bad. But you're so afraid of failing. And I tell you, I'm telling you, you're not going to fail. Okay? Just cover your But I do have this just running the caramel that'll put you at ease, but just get out there. People want you. You're telling them. No, it's already happening.

Kaylee:   27:38
My mom, Beautiful people I would hire.

Alora:   27:41
00 All right, girls. So that's all out of time. I have for today. I feel so good. I'm really excited for you. This is gonna be great. I

Kaylee:   27:53
like a little bit nervous because, honestly, like one of my friends, like, share that give away, But it was, like 100 like, one time. I think I kind of one person. And the girl the CAG unit initially was like, you want to give away And she was the limit quality. And then I was like, I felt like I should give it to one of them because I was like, I don't even know it after I feel like maybe I'll give it to that and then be like, Okay, you gotta tell me what I should I think Probably read more from this. I feel like my stuff in total, like basic. But

Alora:   28:26
your work isn't really No, you are incredible. You're gonna go to amazing places. You just need to tell people people aren't just gonna hire you unless you tell us. You're great. And you are great. Your work is incredible. Do you tell yourself that you gotta put a sticky note on your mirror and says Caylee's an awesome photographer. She's incredible. Then do what you gotta do. What?  It's gonna be great. You

Kaylee:   29:07
know, I don't like

Alora:   29:08
you think you for you In your time you answered prayer in my life. And that way we'll injure the rest of your day, girl. Thank you, guys for listening to today's episode If you liked everything that you heard today, please feel free to scream China sharing your stories and tag me or Dr Shell. All the links that we mentioned below will be in the show notes and I can't wait to talk to you guys over at Facebook Group. Thank you so much for listening and in advance. Thank you for the review. I'll talk to you guys next week.