The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast

Sales Calls with Carissa Woo & Editorial Weddings with Alora Rachelle

May 31, 2022 Season 4 Episode 67
The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast
Sales Calls with Carissa Woo & Editorial Weddings with Alora Rachelle
Show Notes

As the saying goes "Two heads are better than one", we're giving you this with one of the most successful wedding photographers around, Carissa Woo.

This is not your typical host-guest podcast episode wherein those juicy nuggets are only coming from the guest. Carissa, who is a mom and a proud owner of Carissa Woo Photography exchanged words with Alora regarding their humble beginnings, challenges, and highlights of their careers while inspiring each other with life lessons that will surely capture your attention, while of course learning about how they operate their respective businesses. 

There's no other option here but to learn from these two established individuals. Writing notes is optional, but make sure to absorb everything that both of them offered in this episode as they can definitely help you whether you are a new business owner, or even an experienced one!

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