Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast

How to Get Inspired to Create Unique Images with Mel Rey

July 18, 2022 Season 4 Episode 70
Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast
How to Get Inspired to Create Unique Images with Mel Rey
Show Notes

 Montana-raised and California-based, Mel is a full-time wedding photographer that thrives on creating out-of-the-ordinary artful pieces with her clients. At the beginning of quarantine, Rey found herself sharing more of the experimental photos that have become her signature. Clients come to her for her outside-the-box visual effects—texture overlays, light leaks, liquify techniques, and double exposures—which she incorporates to “capture the magic in seemingly ordinary moments and craft them into particularly unique pieces of art.”

Check out Mel Rey at MelReyPhoto.com to book your first photo session and on Instagram

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