Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast

How Savannah made a $30k month inside The Wedding CEO

November 13, 2022 Season 4 Episode 85
Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast
How Savannah made a $30k month inside The Wedding CEO
Show Notes

Savannah booked a $30k month and $104k in a YEAR. She booked a package that was double what she was charging in January and she’s scaling her business by adding on her first associate who already booked a $6k package (before she even officially launched her team!). In less than 12 months she went from hustling & burned out to scaling like a CEO (which is our program promise)

Are you finally ready to ditch the burnout & overwhelm and scale your sales beyond what you could possibly dream?

It’s not too late to join us inside The Wedding CEO Mastermind. We’re about building a business that YOU run and doesn’t run you (anymore).

This is your last call to apply for our last round of the year before we kick off our Plan your Year Masterclass (where we literally create a marketing plan LIVE for your entire business), access to our new coaches, and EVEN MORE surprises along the way.

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The HELLO CEO Podcast is a business podcast show that talks about entrepreneurship, management, and marketing that helps photographers grow and scale a profitable business without leading to burnout.

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