The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast

Shawnae went from Confused to Clarity in her CEO Mindset

November 15, 2022 Alora Rachelle Season 4 Episode 87
The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast
Shawnae went from Confused to Clarity in her CEO Mindset
Show Notes

Shawnae cultivated a bulletproof CEO mindset. She went from being underpaid and overbooked to having fun and creating in her business again. Now she’s ready to re-launch her new brand(s) with a clear brand strategy and a marketing plan to match. She went from playing the comparison game to being fulfilled in who she is and the unique skills she can offer HER dream clients. 

Having a clear mindset & the freedom to feel in control of your life and business is invaluable. We have an entire private podcast for our students only that helps you silence the voice of self-criticism, imposter syndrome, and the fear of failure (value: priceless)

Are you finally ready to conquer your mindset, free yourself from the self-criticism, and surround yourself with a like-minded community that supports you on your journey. Imagine having a group of people holding you accountable to your goals, cheering you on, and no longer feeling lonely on this entrepreneurial journey.

It is totally possible. Take it from Shawnae who has only been in the program for 6 months and is ready for the next step of abundance in her business.

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