Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast

Brianna Matched Her 9-5 Salary in 6 months!

November 16, 2022 Alora Rachelle Season 4 Episode 88
Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast
Brianna Matched Her 9-5 Salary in 6 months!
Show Notes

When Bre joined the program, she was undercharging so much that she was actually losing money by being a photographer. Fast forward six months and now she matched her salary as a PART-TIME photographer just by implementing the strategies we teach inside the wedding CEO. Now she can confidently say, she is the CEO of her business.

There is no other group coaching program out there like The Wedding CEO.

In this 12-month group coaching program, we teach wedding photographers how to create six-figure businesses without the ongoing hustle, burnout, and overwhelm. We teach a very “easy to understand” rinse-and-repeat system

1. Becoming the CEO 

2. How to think like a Brand Strategist

3. Profitable Pricing & Value-based Packages

4. Mastering your Marketing no matter the platform

5. A Stellar Client Experience that Operates like Luxury
 6. Outsourcing & Automation to scale your sales

Applications are still open. Join us for the last call Black Friday price. Price is going up in January and we don’t want you to miss out on this founder’s price!


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