The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast

Is The Wedding CEO Right For Me?

November 14, 2023 Alora Rachelle
The Wedding CEO: Photography Podcast
Is The Wedding CEO Right For Me?
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The Wedding CEO program is not for beginners. 

It's designed for those who have a solid understanding of CRM and made their first 10K, eager to make it to their 100K milestone. We provide you with a community and the accountability you need to reach your goals faster. 

So, if you're ready to take that leap, join our waitlist and brace yourself for an extraordinary journey towards your business success.  You don't want to miss this!


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Welcome to the Wedding CEO podcast, where we discuss all things marketing, sales and scaling so you can become the CEO of your life and business. I'm Elora Rochelle and I've been a wedding photographer for over a decade and now I'm sharing all of my secrets so you can stop sacrificing your time and make more money like a CEO. Hey guys, welcome to my bonus mini series on all things covering the Wedding CEO. I just want to tackle some of the questions that I have been getting in my DMs and in my emails. My emails have been fire and off. If you guys are on the list, I know it is a lot of emails, but they literally answer all of your questions of every single thing you're trying. What's inside the program, it's in my emails. So definitely join that waitlist link below if you want to get those emails and have your questions already answered, or you can also just tune into this episode. The main question I am commonly asked is is this right for me? And I really want to dive into a couple of ways that it can be for you and the ways that it can't be for you. So one it is for you if you've already had your first handful of clients. I even want to say, like you've already made your first 10K and you want to scale to 100K. That being said, this is not a 100% beginner program. If you don't know what a website is, if you don't know what marketing is at all, you don't have an Instagram profile. It's not for the absolute brand new to the space newbies. This is a program that you kind of have some things together. You kind of have an understanding of a CRM and what it is, aka Honey Book, debsado, etc. But you want the strategic roadmap, you want the clarity, you want the guidance, you want the community, you want the accountability. Now, all those things we will cover inside of this program. We're not going to leave you hanging in any way. We are not the kind of program that's just going to take your money and be like see you later, number 572. We kind of like a little bit of an intimate setting and everybody kind of feels like family here. So if that's something you're looking for, I do think that alone, you'll be the best fit. Now, this is right for you if you are just ready to grow and you have really big dreams but you have no idea how to get there and you're like okay, I'm tired of all these freebies, I'm tired of all this little information I'm getting from the internet. I need a proven path. I need to know that somebody's done this before and I want the shortcut. I don't have 10 plus years to play around and be successful, fail. You want something proven. I can't say proven enough. I mean I obviously had said it many times, but the point is that you don't want to have to fail and figure it out time and time again. Well, I do stress that it is important to fail fast and then learn from the lesson. In this case, you kind of don't have to if you know exactly what you should be doing first, and so that's why we tackle mindset. The first module is called become a CEO, and that's where we tackle your mindset. You're going to have all the things. It's coming up, it's coming, and you can just use this portal, this student portal, as your source of truth. A lot of times people are like yeah, you know, I just kind of feel like I'm ripping and running everywhere inside this course portal. I'm like that's totally fine. It's supposed to answer all of your questions all the time. If you have a question about marketing, head to the marketing module. If that is not something you're dealing with yet and you really need to elevate the experience and work on your workflows and your emails and all these other things, then you go there. But I think everyone must start at module one and then from there you can do as you please. If you already have your brand voice down, then you don't need to do your brand story. But if you're absolutely brand new and you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I say you follow the modules in their order. There are a couple of things that I am really excited. We just launched our student workbook. We just did a tour. I got off the call today and the students are just like so excited to start planning. It's so much easier. It is easier now than ever to plan your CEO calendar quarterly, yearly and monthly and my designer really helped us figure that out in Notion. And now all of your assignments will just be in one place. You don't have to look for Google Docs. You don't have to download PDFs. I mean, if you want to print out the dashboard, that's totally fine. Like some people are pen and paper and I am down for all those things, but I lose my paper. I love pen and paper. I am a loyal to it. But now that I have my iPad, I'll just sketch something out and then put it in the designated folder and then I find it later in my notes. So whatever works for you, of course. But there are so many things like this. This program has just developed so much since, like a year ago. We're constantly adding new things to it, we're streamlining it or making sure it's very comprehensive. It's very simple and easy to follow. As the great Michael Scott has said, break it down to me. Like I'm five, I make sure and because I have a six year old that I break things down like you are a five year old. It is so much easier than having to hear all this jargon that doesn't make sense and it feels over complicated. Even the co-coaches in our program as well like just break it down in simple turns. That way people can just implement the strategy and get the result Right. That's the whole goal. So is this right for you? I say it's actually right for you if you haven't made a hundred K, or if you're like halfway there, like you just made 50 K, and you're like, oh you know, this might be something I want to double my income. This is absolutely perfect for you, perfectly positioned, I think. If you already have a brand and you want to rebrand, this is absolutely perfect for you. Most of our clients actually find us when they're in the middle of a rebrand and then they get huge clarity on their brand story and then they're like oh, I knew exactly what to give my copywriter or I actually had my copywriter change everything because I finally realized this is who I am and that's fine, you know. That's why this program is here is here to assist you in all levels of your life, and it is for you. If you already made six figures, if you just want to actually scale to the multiple six figures and you're like, okay, well, I already made it, I just want to have to make it again and not work as hard as I did the first time, this is definitely for you. We teach you how to scale like a CEO, not like a hustling burnout employee. Okay, so we will do lots of planning and then, of course, once you've already hit 100 K, you're going to have quarterly calls with me and then you're going to also have a private portal with additional things, like if you're ready to hire a team and get started with your associates, or if you want to start doing mentorships and dabbling into education. That portal is separate from the wedding CEO, and once you submit your wins and it equals 100 K, you'll automatically get access to that and it's super fun. It works in all levels of your business. I know this may sound like an all in one program, but it really is, because we've all been there and you're also going to be, with people in this community that are in all walks of life and everybody has something to give. Everybody has something helpful to teach and I just think it's really great. I think the community aspect is absolutely perfect and we love using Slack. It has been incredible. We've tried other platforms, but Slack is easy to just post a message and move on. I actually was talking with one of my co-coaches before I hopped on this episode to answer some of your questions and we decided to add a channel called treat yourself, where you only post things that you're doing for fun, like the work life, harmony, it's just harmony. Like are you going for a walk, are you taking care of yourself, are you doing an exercise, are you eating a smoothie, are you making better decisions, are you going shopping because you just booked a client, whatever that is. That's the treat yourself channel and I'm not going to lie, I'm really excited about it. We already did a couple posts in there and I can't wait to see that take off. So ask yourself if you are ready to make the investment. So dive into it, and I'm just really excited for this round, this launch of the wedding, ceo, and it's going to be so much fun. We would love for you to join us. We would love to be able to meet you and support you, but also help you scale. 10k months, you can scale it to 100k a year. It's going to be incredible. Imagine where you're going to be this time next year. Imagine with me. Are you going to leave your nine to five? Are you going to have a more spacious calendar? Are you going to have a business that runs in automation without you? Are you going to be able to finally hang out with friends and family because you now have systems in place and you're not living on your computer? Imagine the possibility, and I will see you in the next episode. Wait, don't go yet. If you loved today's episode, I would love if you took five seconds to leave a rating and a five star review. If you do, send me a DM so I can give you a virtual hug and, of course, a shout out. Now, if you're ready to grow your photography business, I invite you to join the waitlist for the wedding CEO. The wedding CEO is my signature program for wedding photographers who are ready to scale their way to 100K. You're finally ready to work less, make more and live your dream life. If you've seen my Instagram, then you'll know we have students making five bigger months, launching their dream brands, doubling their prices, taking vacations and more, which are lifetime skills that you can take with you, even if you decide to leave the industry. Join the waitlist for when we open the doors on November 14th to the waitlist only, and you're going to get an exclusive, advanced private training on how to scale to 100K, booking less than 20 weddings a year. And, trust me, you don't want to miss this Link in the show notes. I'll see you inside.

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