Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast

Storytelling with Copywriting for Photographers

December 29, 2020 Season 3 Episode 37
Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast
Storytelling with Copywriting for Photographers
Show Notes

Rachel Greiman is a copywriter and documentary family photographer in Philadelphia, PA. She owns Green Chair Stories, a company committed to taking photographs and writing words that look and sound like real people. She believes cookies are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, as long as you eat some salad later. She lives with her giant dog (an 80-pound bernedoodle named Bernadette), her giant husband (a 6'6" man named Travis), and her currently little (but probably soon-to-be giant) babies in a townhouse in the city.

All-day, every day, we are being sold to. Everyone wants a chance at our attention and more importantly, our money. People can feel, faster than ever, when someone is trying to sell them something. So don't sound like you're trying to sell something. Sound like a human. Sound like yourself. Because as a photographer, you're the one who shows up to do the work.

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