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How to Know it's Time to Hire a Coach

January 03, 2022 Alora Rachelle Season 4 Episode 49
Hello CEO: Wedding Photography Podcast
How to Know it's Time to Hire a Coach
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Hello, everyone and welcome to another podcast episode on the online with Alora podcast. I'm your host Alora and today we're going to be talking about couple signs to know you're ready to hire a business coach. 

And so this is something that I did not know that I needed in any part of my business I thought they were called mentors. I thought you just bought a bunch of mentor sessions from a bunch of different people and like put everything together by yourself. And now that education is just so prevalent now in our industry. It's time to talk about how you know you're ready to hire a business coach or maybe if it's the next thing that you're ready for in your business. And also people just never know where to get started. So let's talk about all those things right now. You're listening to the online for more podcasts. 

They say business owners pitch the nine to five only to work 80 hours just for themselves. I want to change that. And I believe that we can still be successful by working smarter, not harder and still achieve beyond our wildest dreams. This podcast is all about systems boundaries and growing a profitable business without the hustle and the overwhelm because guess what, you really can have both so get comfortable and lets dive in.

The first sign that you know you're ready to hire a business coach as you feel overwhelmed by some aspects of your business. Oh my goodness, this was me. So when you feel like you're stuck, right? You're doing everything perfect. And it almost seems like there's something missing and you're going from idea to idea and you're not sticking with anything you have so many visions don't know how to implement them. You have no idea what to do and you're probably thinking, oh my gosh, is this what it's like to be a business owner because I don't like it. That's sign number one. It is time to hire a business coach or somebody in your life that can pour out to you and also give you more ideas on how to implement the things that you have ideas about. 

So me I'm a visionary. And so I have dreams all day. I have a booked out Asana I'm transferring everything to notion because I love the emojis are full of ideas all the time I actually keep a notebook on my nightstand in case I get a midnight idea because that's it's insane guys, I don't know. So anyway, I just I had all these ideas and I thought is this all ever gonna be just me having a bunch of ideas and never knowing what to do with them? And then I hired a business coach and they gave me advice on how to actually implement the ideas what to do with them and how to create a system to have it going and I was like, Oh, this is what I needed. All along. 

Sign number two is you have no vision. So this is for the people that have a hard time coming up with ideas, but they know something is missing. So like as a CEO, right in your business. You did have a vision at one point in time. You want to have a business, you want to be a photographer, and you just do have all these ideas, but then you don't know what to do in terms of strategy. And I feel like this is really important because having ideas is one thing but implementation and taking action is another so having a coach that can help you figure out your ideal client, your marketing plan, your client experience methods, all those ways that you can really grow your business and also grow your knowledge another thing too is like when you get access to a coach and they like give you access to more information. You're able to kind of take that information and think for yourself and come up with your own vision and your own strategy. So just having the information by itself is valuable, but also having a coach check up on you and walk you through that is invaluable. 

Another sign is you feel like you're ready to make an investment. So this one's hard because a lot of times we are more than willing to make the money but we don't think that we need to hire somebody in order to teach us high ticket anyway. So it's easy to kind of make smaller investments a couple $100 here and there just to have a mentorship and then it falls flat. And this was kind of the biggest thing that I was nervous about when I invested in my coaches a couple years ago was making a huge investment, but also that investment, tripled my business and I really mean tripled my business. Because of all the one on one help I was able to receive the friendships that I've made. It was just incredible. So if you're ready to make an investment, just know that once you get past that mindset of oh, I can't afford or Oh, that's just so much money. Just know you're going to make that investment back way more than you put into it. I mean, as long as you do the work, you know, you need accountability and motivation. So this is a big one because I think in our industry, we get to a place where we could have outcome friendships. We feel like we're alone in some areas. We have ideas and nobody has ideas around us. Or you just need someone to check in on you and be like, Hey, are you doing that thing that you said you're going to do? Because a lot of our visions and dreams and ideals can completely fall flat but the thing is, is when you have a coach who's like Hey, you said you were working on this, how's that going? Do you need support from me do any help from me, and you hop on a call really quick? 

Oh my gosh, the most valuable thing you can have. It's kind of like having a teacher that actually wants to be a teacher. And if you guys remember in college, but they're like you show up cool. If you don't, you're to beat me. But you know when you have a coach, they're invested in you and they're invested in you reaching your goals and your growth. So it's definitely important to have one just for the accountability and the motivation. You are ready to save time and money. Oh my gosh. So when I got tired of doing the same thing and same thing on my own with no direction and no other piece of advice from anyone else, it was just me me me me me. I was able to save so much time, so much time which I feel like Time is money for me that is my value is time if I can save time and make that available for friends family, myself. That is invaluable. Like it's priceless to me. So having someone that was able to just be like this is what you're not doing. This is what I want you to focus on. We focus on this, let's deal about this because me I like to do 50 million things. And if you do know multitasking is great. But it's also not great because you have to constantly switch between tasks all the time. And so that one task is only getting five minutes of your brain power. Whereas if you just go full on flesh and one thing, you're able to get that thing accomplished and so having a coach that can see that in you and let you know, hey, like let's not focus on that right now. You're way ahead of yourself. Let's start at square one. And when we get to square 100 We'll do square 100 so you're able to save time, wasted time. And then also you're able to save money in the future because they will help you with things that you need to spend your money on things that you need to be expensing versus wasting your money on something that you're just not quite ready for. 

You know what you want to do but you have no idea how to do it. This is a good one. If you have an idea that you know, help grow your business, whether it's launching a new product, maybe you want to have more income streams, and you feel like you're not just doing let's just say photography or you want to be an educator and want to start mentoring you want to know how to lay out a plan without having to watch a course and invest in a bunch of other things all over the place. You just want the answer. Like hey, this is what I want to do. How do I do it? And it's just so nice to have somebody there, you know, however many times a month or whatever field on Fox your access to them, and just know that they can just answer that question for you. And you don't have to go searching for it. which like I said, is another waste of time. So having the resources there while you're working on your projects, just like making a checklist of all the questions you have and just presenting it to them. Oh my goodness, you're saving so much time, so much time and you're getting professional advice from somebody who's been there and had success and has made that income very teaching exactly the same way to do the same. 

So my story is I've worked with business coaches over the course of years. I have worked with mentors, one on one here and there but I have to say like working with a specific business coach for a year before I joined a mastermind and then I also hired another business coach for like five months those experiences the many others that I've had, I have created such amazing friendships and the mastermind I've created like like literally we are the same mind and so
it's almost like like minded individuals. And I've gotten to meet amazing women who are doing the exact same things as me and beyond. And so we were able to kind of give each other encouragement and just be like, Yeah, I've already done this as to what I did, and I'm like, Okay, well I want to do this. This is and so it's like we're all working and bouncing off of each other. Versus you telling people your dreams that knew nothing about what you're trying to do and kind of squishing those ideas flat like oh, you probably shouldn't do that or Yeah, sure. I don't know what that means. But maybe maybe you could do that. No like working with somebody in a mastermind that has the exact same ideas as you that community alone is so valuable. So I would definitely say with 100% confidence that my business would not be in the place that it is now and where it will be going soon. If I have not hired a coach invested in my education invested in a mastermind and you know, just done dove into education. 

The biggest thing about coaches is they're also investing in their own education because there are some places teach the same things every time because they're not still investing in their own education. So important to know that no matter who you hire, or even who they are hiring is that you guys are constantly growing, evolving and changing. 

And so that being said, I will be launching a group coaching quote unquote mastermind in January it's going to be amazing and I cannot wait to get started and we are going to be talking about everything. Building a business from the ground up as a CEO. I'm talking about legally, getting your contracts in place, getting your taxes and finances in order and then we're gonna dive in full deep on branding. That's my jam. And also you guys know marketing is fit and we are going to talk about so many different avenues of marketing. I'm going to bring on a sales coach. I am going to bring on so many amazing guests that I have met in my mastermind and in the industry and you will be so well taken care of. There's going to be tons of bonuses and gifts and just if you know anything about me, I always go above and beyond all the product suites and all the things that I launch because I genuinely care about education part, helping propel others forward. Because I feel like we all really can rise together and we all can be photographers. The market is never saturated. It's never never saturated. It just means you need to uplevel create more income streams. There's the sky is literally always a woman. There's always something out there always. 

And so I want to go over all these things. It's gonna be amazing. I just I've been working on so many things. And I've been working on this for just years and it's perfectly where I want it to be. So if you would like for me to be your coach, I cannot wait. You're going to have so much access to me. We're going to have live q&a Anytime about anything. You're going to get secret access to my wedding CEO course where we walk you through all of these things in more in spring, and it's going to be everything. So what are you waiting for sign up for that waitlist. And I will see you soon. If you have any questions feel free to DM me, email me or check out the show notes and I hope you have an amazing day, week life month and year. Well, you made it to the end of today's episode. if you're loving the podcast so far I'd be so honored if you go ahead hit that subscribe button and leave me a review. reviews help me get amazing guests as well as helping this podcast get noticed by as many listeners, thank you so much for tuning in if you'd like to connect with free to look at all the links in the show notes, and let's connect them Instagram at Alora Rachelle, or aligned before. Until next time.